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Cyprian Kamil Norwid

Cyprian Kamil Norwid was a Polish writer (1821-1883).

His work, rediscovered today, provides an insight into the mind of an artist trying to make sense of the world in his unique way - through his religion, upbringing, language and history.

Having his work read by future generations was one of his hopes.

*** Norwid News ***

On Cyprian Norwid. Studies and Essays: Vol. 1 open_in_new - The book is the first volume of an extensive four-volume monograph devoted to the work of Cyprian Norwid.

"Miłość - czysta u kąpieli morskich" - komedia Cypriana Kamila Norwida - open_in_new - Polskie Radio PL presents a short Norwid comedy. open_in_new - is as close as I can find to a site that posts updated news about a writer who died in 1883.

Fundacja Museion Norwid open_in_new - the plan to open a museum dedicated to Norwid in 2021 on the 200th anniversay of his birth.

Studia Norwidiana open_in_new - the first English translation of "Studia Norwidiana" available in PDF.

Norwid - 3 English Translations

Reading Norwid in Polish one can hear the author's unique voice. Translators have a difficult task in trying to interpret, translate and maintain that voice.

Read English versions of one of Norwid's short poems as interpreted by 3 different translators.

Norwid in Song

Norwid's work has inspired artists to produce musical interpretations of his writings.

Daj Mi Wstążkę Błękitną

Performed by Czesław Niemen open_in_new.

W Weronie

Performed by Wanda Warska open_in_new.

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